Thursday Sessions

The Light of All That Is

May we be blessed in knowing there are aspects of us that connect us all and individuate us all. May we be blessed in seeing the consciousness in all things. May we be blessed in knowing when we look at a tree and see its beauty the consciousness of that tree sees us back and pours its gifts upon us. May we know the endless beings of light in physical form and not who are ever present and poised to guide and inspire us. May we feel in all of creation the wonder of all that it is possible and...

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God, etc.

God will be mentioned throughout the coming text. God here is not religious, does not have a face, a personality, a gender, a holy book, a group of followers or a set of beliefs attached. God here is all that is. It is the unifying aspect of all things, the creative force of good, infinite energy, consciousness. God is us, and there is no figure or entity that is above or beyond, better than, or even farther along than any other entity of consciousness. Because if god is all that is then everything within us is God. Here we get...

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Everything Else

All of what is is always becoming more of itself. And us, as expressions of everything, embodying everything, are therefor always becoming more of ourselves.

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