Everything Else

I want us to know the universe is within us. All of what is as we know and do not know, it moves through us, actually is us. This does not change anything at face value in our lives, the face value of who we are in the mechanism of how we survive, eat, sleep, earn our way, and keep ourselves safe.

It is time to go beyond surviving. It is time to become the human consciousness realizing itself in ways beyond how we have before. All of what is is always becoming more of itself. And we, as expressions of everything, embodying everything, are therefor always becoming more of ourselves.

The door opening, the wall being blown down, the structure crumbling to the ground is the separation, the idea that there is any gap between the all that is and ourselves. We can live in a place of knowing and leveraging our unique personalities, histories, talents, gifts, abilities, and features, and simultaneously live knowing we are as much ourselves as we are everything else.

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