God, etc.

God will be mentioned throughout the coming text. God here is not religious, does not have a face, a personality, a gender, a holy book, a group of followers or a set of beliefs attached. God here is all that is. It is the unifying aspect of all things, the creative force of good, infinite energy, consciousness.

God is us, and there is no figure or entity that is above or beyond, better than, or even farther along than any other entity of consciousness. Because if god is all that is then everything within us is God.

Here we get into the holographic effect:  all of the information of all that is is contained within every piece of all that is. All of whatever that is is within each cell of our body, within each acorn, each drop of water. There is an energetic activation in this. Even as we dip our toe into this holographic effect, there is an unsteadiness there. There is a diminishing of up and down, and left and right. There is a diminishing of past and present. There is a diminishing of how we experience our linear world. And this holographic awareness is not a portal, because it's not anything that we need to go through or enter into, it is something that is absolutely always present within us, around us, as us.

Go within, not as a retreat, but as a realization of God that is us. Our cells are the antenna. Every single cell of our body is an antenna, a mechanism for manifesting the experience of god as human form. God is not one thing. God is not something we reach out to or even have to connect with. It is absolutely innate in us being here, in being physical, in our cells knowing automatically what to do in order to live and function.

A tree knows how to be a tree. What is the energy behind that? What is the intelligence behind that? Everything that a person is doing in their own life to experience more of themselves is not linear. It's not about trying to get some place or get to some experience or be a better person or have something. It's about realizing. It is about self-realization. It is all of us all of the time, no matter how good or bad we feel, no matter how mean or nice we’re being, no matter how healthy or sick we think we are, embodying all that is. That includes viruses and pathogens. That includes the brick in a sidewalk, every drop of water. It is truly all that is and all of that information is within us. It is us.

It's not about having some things and resisting other things, or getting out of the way of this and trying to leverage the benefit of that. It is all about choice. How do we choose to experience the manifestation of consciousness in physical form? And some of this is conscious and some of this is unconscious. In our experience all things are available to us at all times. The more we can move beyond the intellectualization of, “All things are available to us at all times. If that was true I would have what I want,” and trying to get into the minutiae of that, and just more move into a broad open receiving experience of what is possible, the more we experience personal peace, a connection to everything, and all as god.

The understanding of all this is not important. The activation of it comes in the receiving mode which is happening to some degree with all of us reading this now. The more we can acknowledge this happening automatically, knowing it is a great thing to have, the more our cells are supported in their innate knowing, our need and grasping for control diminishes, and we are activated by the energy.

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