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Last week we discussed energy, light, and consciousness. We broke down each of those three concepts and came around to light and consciousness being near synonyms. In relation to this conversation one participant had the following question.

I would love some attention or discussion towards trauma and its relationship to light - is the trauma blocking light or part of the light?

We touched on this question at the end of last week and much more information has come up since then.

Light, consciousness, the creative force of good, source energy (all interchangeable terms for the purposes of this conversation) is 100% present in all creation of the natural world. The natural world is the manifestation of pure light. This is one reason we feel good and refreshed being in nature. We are saturated in unencumbered light.

What encumbers the light is our experience of it, our perception of it, our level of resistance to it, and our obscurations (thank you Jo for that word) of it. So while it’s much easier to be in alignment with light in nature, we can resist it by dwelling in resentment (or other negative emotion), therefore being in resistance, and weakening the experience of light.

Is trauma light? No. But neither is Michelangelo’s David. These created experiences (also manifestations of degrees of light) were generated from people and have levels of alignment with light but are not in and of themselves light. They may inspire in us more or less knowing of ourselves as light but are not light themselves. Again, light here is actually referring to consciousness, not physical light.

Is trauma blocking light? If a person has an experience of trauma then it certainly is. We can assume anyone self describing an experience as trauma has negative emotion around it. The worse we feel the less aligned with light we are. So this comes back to our experience of it, our relationship to it.

There are endless therapies, approaches, and facilitators to support a person in resolving their relationship to a traumatic event and it is up to each person to explore what brings the greatest resolution, i.e., most alignment with light, as it relates to that event. And the more there is a sense of wrestling with it or figuring it out, the more we are engaged with the trauma and therefore at the adverse effect of it. Like everything in our life, it is about coming back to and maintaining alignment with our true and original nature, light.

Those are my thoughts. I’d love to hear yours. 

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