The Light of All That Is

May we be blessed in knowing there are aspects of us that connect us all and individuate us all. May we be blessed in seeing the consciousness in all things. May we be blessed in knowing when we look at a tree and see its beauty the consciousness of that tree sees us back and pours its gifts upon us. May we know the endless beings of light in physical form and not who are ever present and poised to guide and inspire us. May we feel in all of creation the wonder of all that it is possible and the knowing that we make it so. May we experience ourselves as the center of the universe and in so doing leverage all that is in funneling to ourselves the joy, pleasure and satisfaction that is embodiment. May we know our bodies in the truth of their perfection and their ability to receive the energy of creation. May we know our own powers of creation and in that alignment create fields of light which bring blessings and peace into this world. May we connect with others in knowing their manifestation as spirit. May we know ourselves as extensions of source, as extensions of the earth, as extensions of nature. May we release resistance and more than that and even more than that. May we give up and allow ourselves to fall into the ease of being. May we know we have all the time that is time to express our eternal selves in new and beautiful ways. May we experience joy. May we be well. May we have fun. May we give and receive love freely. May we see beauty everywhere. May we create beauty everywhere. Art is the highest truth. Give praise to life and may we receive the light of all that is into all we are.

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