Birthed From You

Like all other stories told across time, The Donkey's story starts with a beginning. But The Donkey's beginning is shrouded in mystery like a beautiful gift wrapped up in tissue paper and tied with a thousand elegant, silky ribbons. It's difficult to determine when The Donkey first came into being. It was before the light of the lightbulb, but after the roar of the proud woolly mammoth. It was before the laughter heard on hilarious television sitcoms, but after the arrival of the disappointing, tiresome black plague. It was a time when the world needed furry, genuine joy, and the donkey arrived to give it to us.
It is believed that The Donkey came into being as a collective reflection of all the world's joy. Happiness, compassion, and wisdom have a center, and the center is the donkey. The Donkey is available to join you on your journey and reveal to you the joy and levity that can be found in unexpected corners of your life. Do not rely on your inbox of your television box for joy. Understand it abounds in places other than the screens calling your name. Do not listen to the siren call of the screen. Instead, look to Donkey Poster and stare deeply into the compassionate, loving eyes of The Donkey, looking back at you, seeing you seeing yourself.
With every Donkey Poster purchase, you not only take one step towards inner love, but you also provide a financial contribution to The Donkey Sanctuary. Two percent of the profits made through your purchase go to The Donkey Sanctuary. By building a better future for yourself, you build a better future for donkeys.